Our Culture

Cultivating Exceptional People

When our employees thrive, so does our healing Mission​.

SSM Health is committed to creating a partnership with all of our team members. We ask our team members to actively engage and participate in making decisions that impact their work. We celebrate together and recognize those who help us deliver an exceptional experience.

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Establishing Balance

Maintaining an appropriate work-life balance is front and center in our culture. Depending on the position, we also offer remote and flexible hours.

Employee Communications

Employees can stay up to date with SSM Health news! View diversity and inclusion resources. Find prayers and reflections along with additional wellness resources.

Team Events

From our annual Mission week to holiday events to team building activities, there are plenty of ways to stay involved with your team members and community.

Your Purpose is Our Mission

At SSM Health, we believe every person was created by God with infinite value – and a purpose and calling on their lives. Whether we provide frontline care, or support those who do, we are each a vital member of this health ministry. Our individual skills, experience, passion, and purpose contribute to a more than 150-year legacy of hope and healing that has improved countless lives.  ​​​​​​​

What Our Team Members Are Saying

Working at SSM Health is like finding your second home. Despite being a large hospital, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you're part of a close-knit community. Every day, you'll encounter familiar faces in the hallways, creating a sense of belonging that truly makes it feel like home. This is more than just a job, it's a sacred trust.
Allison Rozum, Manager - RN
Med Surg
Working with trauma patients in Med Surg is a truly rewarding experience for me. Every day brings new and unique interactions, providing a never-ending source of diversity and excitement. The dynamic and supportive culture within the workplace is simply an added bonus to the already fulfilling experience.
Jess Sinn, RN - Charge Nurse 
Med Surg
I appreciate the unique approach of neuroscience at SSM Health. In my previous experiences, the focus was always on diagnosing the issue at hand, but here we take it a step further by providing direct solutions to our patients' problems. What I love most about being a part of the SSM neuroscience team is the emphasis on development and innovation. It's truly fulfilling knowing we're not only helping people, but doing so in the most effective and efficient way possible. 
Drew Davis, Radiology Technologist Lead
Interventional Radiology
SSM Health is not just a workplace, it's a community. The diverse population brings a wealth of perspectives and experiences that make every day engaging and meaningful. My co-workers are not just friendly, they're genuine and supportive. I have many close relationships that go beyond the office. The managers are exceptional leaders who inspire growth and development, and I'm proud to have learned so much from them.
Kaylin Dofing, RN - Clinical
Med Surg
Being a member of the SSM Health Regional Security Team has given me the opportunity to work alongside other dedicated employees and fellow Security Officers in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Even when faced with adverse situations, the knowledge, expertise, and continuous training plus support we receive helps us protect and serve with confidence. A flexible schedule, competitive pay, benefits, and the opportunity to truly make a difference each time I put on my uniform are among many reasons why I work for SSM Health. Such an environment has rewarded me with professional growth and development and a sense of accomplishment.
Armin Habibovic, Security Officer
I enjoy working at a teaching hospital, like SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. The environment is one of continuous learning and growth, where everyone is eager to share their knowledge and expertise. This has helped me expand my skills and further my career. I feel well-equipped to pursue my dream of returning to school because of the opportunities for professional growth and advancement compared to where I worked before. 
Jillian Stone, RN - Clinical 
Med Surg
Every day when I walk into work, I know I'm going to be working alongside wonderful people. From the nurses on the floor, to the techs, transportation, and food service staff, everyone is great to work with. I'm confident my patients receive the best possible care because of the exceptional teamwork and support that exists at SSM Health. There is always someone available and it's reassuring to know my patients are in good hands. It's a privilege to work with such a dedicated and compassionate team.
Victoria Johnson, Physician Assistant 
Working for SSM Health in trauma is a great opportunity to learn a lot especially as a new grad. There are so many things that you can learn at a level one trauma center, like SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. There’s just such a diverse population amongst the staff and patients. My team members are amazing and the culture is just wonderful!
Riya Patel, RN - Clinical
Med Surg
At SSM Health, collaboration is key. You'll be part of a dynamic team working who is dedicated to providing exceptional care. The investment in ongoing training and education sets SSM Health apart from other healthcare organizations. This is the perfect environment for anyone seeking to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare field.
Casey Banuelos, RN - Clinical
Med Surg
SSM Health offers flexibility in terms of work schedules and shifts, which allows me the ability to explore other opportunities within the system. The organization helps employees achieve their career goals, whether that means progressing quickly or staying in a role that they love. It's refreshing to know SSM Health supports me in whatever path I choose to take. I'm grateful to work alongside colleagues who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.
Vanessa Dukes, CT Technologist
CT Scan

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